Sustanon 250 | REVIEW | A very Popular Anabolic Steroid

A popular product, the anabolic Sustanon 250, in injection form, will be the subject of today’s review.

Sustanon seems to improve the strength and performance of athletes, bringing great changes to the body combined with hard workout, a fact that uplifts its users’ confidence.

A more careful look at the product will furnish more details about it.


  • Sustanon 250 – What it is
  • Sustanon 250 – Ingredients
  • Sustanon 250 – Positive results for 4 categories of persons
  • Why testosterone is so important for a man?
  • Is Sustanon 250 the best solution? Basic information
  • Sustanon 250 – Which persons are not allowed to use it
  • Sustanon 250 – how it is used and how it works
  • Sustanon 250 – Side effects
  • Sustanon 250 – Interaction with other drugs
  • Can this substance be detected in anti-doping controls?
  • Sustanon 250 – Any similar products
  • Conclusion
    • How Testomax achieves all these

Sustanon 250 – What it is

A drug administered by injection and derived by mixing 4 different types of testosterone, under different doses. This is the Sustanon 250 containing 250 mg of testosterone.Sustanon 250 is a powerful anabolic enhancing the muscles due to its large amount of testosterone contained. The high percentage of testosterone involved makes it suitable to men only. The use by women could result to a strong hair developed in body, a bass voice and a loss of femininity in general.

It could also be used for treatment purposes, as it is capable of enhancing testosterone levels and restoring them to their normal level.

Sustanon 250 – Ingredients

Sustanon 250 is a product of Organon, was initially introduced for therapeutic use. It was intended for children with very low levels of testosterone. Its use improved the problem and raised it to normal and healthy levels. Its circulation begins in the 1970s.

The company was aiming at creating a product offering high levels of testosterone by using the minimum number of injections.

So Sustanon 250 was created, a mixture of various testosterone types. Each one is acting at a different time moment, with some of them in a short period of time, while others are a lot slower, ensuring overall action over a long period of time. Total strength reaches the 250mg but the amounts involved are different for each type of testosterone.

Here are the amounts of testosterone contained in the drug:

  • 30 mg / ml – testosterone propionate
  • 60 mg / ml – testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 60 mg / ml – isocaprate testosterone
  • 100 mg / ml – testosterone decanoate

These present a difference in period of time and intensity.

For example, propionate and phenylpropionate are testosterone species acting immediately, lasting for about 24 hours.

Isoprotein testosterone has a moderate duration and intensity and the decanoate has a long duration with low testosterone release intensity. All of them as one achieve the desired result.

This drug is injected intravenously into the body and has an anabolic action lasting 3 weeks.

Upon entering the body a rapid increase in testosterone is caused, declining gradually.

Repetition is therefore recommended after 21 days.

Each dose contained in 1 ampoule, is in liquid form of pale yellow color.

Peanut oil is also included in the composition and its use by people with an allergy to it is forbidden

Sustanon 250 – Positive results for 4 categories of persons

Sustanon 250 may produce positive results at 4 categories of individuals:

1. Men: As mentioned, Sustanon 250 is not addressed to women at all. Its high testosterone content will cause intense hair growth and deepening of the voice, which is inappropriate for women.

2. Children of low normal testosterone levelsIt was initially introduced for this purpose, with a purely therapeutic character, aiming at increasing testosterone levels in these persons.

3. Athletes: Athletes wishing to boost their muscular strength and improve their stamina and performance are often driven to use Sustanon 250 (or similar anabolic substances)

4. Bisexual persons: The use of Sustanon 250 helps to a smooth pass of these persons to a more male character.

The increase of testosterone levels at a very fast pace and its duration for about 3 weeks are the basic reasons for being so popular up to date:

Benefits offered include:

  • Physical fitness improvement
  • Reduction of exhaustion
  • Energy enhancement
  • Depression elimination
  • Better regulation of brain function

Attention: Its anabolic and androgenic value is 100, important for someone wishing to buy the product. It is available in injection form.

Why testosterone is so important for a man?

As mentioned, injection of Sustanon 250 contains male hormone derivatives called testosterone, working at different times to ensure a longer duration.

This hormone is produced by the body itself, particularly by testicles, in a natural way.

However, when this hormone is not produced in right quantities then this shortage should be replenished and that’s exactly what makes this supplement.Testosterone quantities should be at normal levels at all times, as this hormone is responsible for the “sexual health” of the man. This term not only includes sexual mood and performance, but the production of sperm, good erectile capability, male capability for reproduction and proper prostate function as well.

Besides, scientists report its usefulness in some human organs such as skin, muscles, kidneys, liver, nervous system and bone marrow.

So the importance of testosterone in each male organism is highlighted, meaning that low levels produce undesired consequences, as impotencedecreased sexual desireinfertilityfatigue, and even osteoporosis.

As a normal fact, unfortunately, testosterone levels are gradually reduced over time and towards aging.

But when the reduction starts from younger ages then it is definitely necessary to seek assistance from similar supplements in order to restore the hormonal balance in the body.

Is Sustanon 250 the best solution? Basic information

The use of Sustanon 250 holds many advantages, but at the same time presents a lot of disadvantages as well.

It is a supplement containing pure testosterone and is exclusively for men. Improves the sexual health of every man, but has many drawbacks:

  • It is available in injection form
  • Causes many side effects
  • It is included in the list of banned substances by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)
  • Higher doses may lead even to death
  • Prescription is required
  • If it is used for treatment and it is received for many months or years, frequent blood tests should be performed.

Sustanon 250 – Which persons are not allowed to use it

As mentioned earlier, this supplement was designed to be used only for therapeutic purposes only. Its action is very strong and should only be given after strong medical recommendation. However, due to its powerful anabolic action, many athletes used it for a rapid increase of their muscle mass.

This is a cause of high concern, as its extensive and reckless use provokes very serious, even irreparable, effects on user’s health. And though most of them know it, they ignore it.

They prefer to risk their health in order to see results on their bodies.

There are specific categories of people who are not allowed to receive this product:

  • People under the age of 18
  • Women
  • People not holding a prescription
  • Men with prostate cancer
  • Men with breast cancer
  • People allergic to peanuts or soya

CAUTION !!! Before you receive it, you must be informed if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Cancer (of any form)
  • Prostate problems
  • Liver problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Common migraines
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Thrombophilia
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sustanon 250 – how it is used and how it works

Administration of the medicine is made exclusively by injection directed onto the arm, buttock or thigh. The four different types of testosterone start being released one after the other and circulate throughout the body.

Its dosage is 1 injection every 3 weeks, but in therapeutic cases, such as transsexual, it can be repeated within 2 weeks if this is decided by the physician

Sustanon 250 – Side effects

This specific drug is very powerful and may cause serious side effects to user. These side effects may be of a mild form, but they could also be in highly dangerous form as well, leading to death.

Different effects are demonstrated in every person, using the same drug with some individuals presenting severe symptoms while others show a lighter form.

For Sustanon 250 in particular, both mild and serious side effects have been reported.

This is the reason to inform you so you are aware of all the side effects you might be dealing with in case you use it.

Mild side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Pain in the joints
  • Shivering
  • Itching
  • Muscle pain
  • Acne
  • Fluid retention

The most serious side effects reported are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Prostate cancer
  • Kidney problems
  • Hypertension
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Liver problems
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Reduction of sperm
  • Chest pain
  • Increase in hemoglobin
  • Painful erection

Caution: All above are serious side effects and you should contact your doctor immediately if you observe any of them.

Sustanon 250 – Interaction with other drugs

The use of Sustanon 250 is banned without prescription, a fact mentioned in the article many times.

It may cause serious side effects and irreversible problems in the body. For this reason, you should be very careful and consult a doctor before its use.

Any medical doctor will examine in detail your history and any medications you may receive at the same time and will recommend or not the use of the specific product.

For the best protection of your health It is best to avoid such supplements with strong anabolic action.

Their use can only be justified if there are health reasons involved.

Especially in cases you are taking medicines for diabetes, corticosteroids or blood anticoagulants, where you should avoid any use of it.

In general, you always consult your doctor, since this is a serious health matter.

Can this substance be detected in anti-doping controls?

Like many other dangerous chemicals, Sustanon 250 has been banned from the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA).

The objective of the organization is to achieve real records from athletes without the help of chemical boosters and doping, as the interest is the real human effort, not the supernatural risking the organism’s health.

This is why, appropriate controls started to be performed where similar substances, such as Sustanon 250, are detectable. This is detected even after 3 months of use.

Sustanon 250 – Any similar products

There are many products of the same nature as Sustanon 250. And these are also banned, but unfortunately they are still in circulation among sport athletes.

The Sustanon 250 introduced for pharmaceutical purpose ending up having a great demand in the sports field because has improved the performance dramatically and was finally banned in many countries.

It has virtually never been approved for use in athletics but for therapeutic purposes only.A corresponding product to Sustanon 250 is Omnadren, originated in Poland and scoring a high success in Eastern Europe and Caucasus.


Sustanon 250 is, as repeated many times, a harmful product for the body. It is dangerous and it is available illegally.

Using it can cause serious health problems to the user, even death!

This is why we are talking about a highly dangerous product. And that is why we do not recommend it under any circumstances.

Unlike to this supplement, there are products such as the Testo Max of the well-known company Crazy Bulk helping you to achieve your goal and if anything else is not dangerous at all.Click Here to Order Testo Max from Official Website

It is a 100% natural product available in capsules (and not in injection form) without causing any side effects to the body and to general health of the user.

It is aiming at strengthening the male body and improve its performance. It is not illegal and provokes no health problems.

The fact that comes from the well-known company Crazy Bulk is a guarantee for anyone using it.

This company has been specializing in similar supplements for many years, being established in the field by using 100% natural ingredients.

Testo Max, apart of being a natural and harmless product, is also very effective.

Below have a look at what is offered with its use:

1. Strength of muscular system

2. Muscles development

3. Increase of endurance

4. Assistance in sexual performance

5. Helps erection

6. Burns fat

7. Boosts performance in sports

8. Strengthens testosterone levels

9. Offers faster muscle recovery after training

How Testomax achieves all these

There is a hormone, the luteinizing hormone, responsible for producing testosterone. This hormone is regulated by a substance, the D-Aspartic acid contained in Testo Max.

Following a totally natural process, testosterone levels are elevated. This gives the body strength, endurance, strong erection, energy, great performance and strong muscles.The results will start to appear instantly, within 2-3 weeks, and regarding your health, you will feel safe and confident, not requiring chemical hazardous substances.

It is received in a very simple way, since it comes in capsule form and not in injection form as the powerful anabolic. No doctor’s prescription is required, a fact demonstrating the safety of the product.

For its purchase, just visit Crazy Bulk’s official website. There you will find each Testo Max package at 59.99 $ from the starting price of 69.99 $. Each bottle contains 120 capsules sufficient for a month’s use.

Better offers are available, as that with the purchase of 3 packs where you take 1 FREE as GIFT at the price of 119.98 $. You receive additionally 8 very useful exercise and ride guides offering important advice.

The recommended dose includes 4 capsules a day, 20 minutes before breakfast. This should be repeated daily for 2 months whether you are in a period of training or not.

After 2 months it is recommended discontinue for 1.5 weeks and then repeat the same procedure.

It is very important to follow the rules for the use of each product in a very strict way, as this ensures the best possible results and surely, a good health!

Testo Max is an authentic natural product used without pain, and safely, without the use of injections.

It is the key to overcoming the limits and difficulties you might have encountered so far in your workouts.

Upon entering the company’s official website you will find many similar such supplements and it is your decision which one fits your organism and your training programme the best.

No need to resort to illegal solutions risking your health for no reason.

Always remember to be well informed prior to starting any treatment, so you are prepared to deal with anything you might experience.

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